Undoubtedly the geographical area known as Greece in the modern world is undergoing intense change.

It is much like a volcanic pressure cooker with spontaneous combustions and subterranean changes taking place. We are all feeling it as little has remained unaffected, unchanged.

It is currently impossible to predict what the outcome shall be.

It is too early to see what forms shall crystallise into new healthy light-shining structures to support a new reality though roots are already in place. A hot amorphous magma is flowing through all levels of daily life.

The choices we make every day count like never before.

On a spiritual level it has been felt long ago and much progress has been made for critical massin Greece has also long been attained. The intense heat that melts old bonds is now moving through our physical reality for all to bear witness.

Whether it is called IMF, IVF or PDF is of little importance.

The process of disintegration is the same on all fronts whatever name you put on it. Perhaps on a financial level it is of caustic importance to most. On a political level egos are challenged the most. On a human level our ethical values are put to the test like never before. Beyond the fear of change is the fear of survival itself.

Letting go of the river’s edge takes on a whole new meaning when the river flowing through is of hot molten lava.

The atmosphere is intense, heated and highly flammable. And yet love is also a product of heated combustion. As any alive loving relationship will show you heated argument is a necessary process of growth and change. The choice is trust or fear.

Lethargy and apraxia cannot contain the intense rising energy any longer. It is bursting at the seams.

Hell in fact has been described in these terms. A burning torturous melting pot. And yet Lucifer brings the Light. If we agree to ride this dragon energy and channel it creatively, for tamed it cannot be, we are on the verge of a glorious future.

The magnitude, breadth, width and depth of it says it all.

It is the burning fire sensation that has always been responsible for instigating change. Resistance to change causes the discomfort. Falling apart, however, has in the past witnessed historical pieces of music, art, architecture, social movements, and the creation of new forms of life itself. Destruction and creation are but one and the same cycle of energy.

Is it not a thought to await with excitement what is to come after such demolition?

The burning sensation of change is similar to the burning sensation of creativity. How many times have we reverted to the pleasures of creation to shift the negative energy of not having enough?

If we see these changes as a positive energy wave to ride on we can create realities that where impossible within the stagnant energy of secure status quo.

When the crumbling is as deep as it is taking place here in Greece all our attention should be on getting it right. After all we have nothing to lose. Our national pride is so strong that it is the same as having none at all. Perhaps freeing ourselves from what others impose on us would not be such a bad idea after all? Change will not come from money, politics or a single person. We are all in the melting pot together so we are all responsible and all equally able to create together.

This togetherness, however, still remains to be seen.

It is not a matter of can we but do we want to rise up through the ashes as one?