The difference between a drop of water and the entire ocean is our own awareness.

We can sleep for the sake of sleeping or we can see it as our body’s need for rest, integration and healing. We can eat for the sake of surviving or we can see it as a way to support our body’s health and wellbeing. We can be in the water for the sake of swimming or we can see it as a way to cleanse, align and feel pleasure. It’s a deepening of our own awareness that shifts our perspective and experience of things which is ultimately our own choice too.

The difference between swimming and being in water is our intention.

Feeling water on our skin awakens memories and sensations that have been stored in our bodies. When we work with water rather than just in it, we can access these and restore our sense of water in a positive way. Water helps us remember much more of who we are.

Have you ever had the feeling of going to bed feeling the motion of water inside you after a day at the beach? Water is a natural element which leaves a long-lasting impression when we immerse ourselves in it. The more conscious our relationship to water the more profound our experience of it can be.

Working with water rather than just in is the key to a deeper level of consciousness.

When we work with water, learning to swim is no longer just about good coordination and physical movement. Water awakens all of our senses and our emotions too. It shows up our relationship with it and with others too.

For most people water is connected to a positive feeling, sensation or memory. Simply think water and these will come flooding back. Water is such a powerful medium for bringing us back to a state of wholeness.

Water Happy Working WITH Water

Water connects us to our primal existence. It connects us to life in the womb, life as amphibians in our evolutionary process and to parts of ourselves that are deeply embedded in our unconscious. When working with water we can retrieve these parts of ourselves in a fluid and natural way.

Water allows us gentle access to our emotions and restores a sense of flow rather than functioning on our conditioned freeze or overwhelm response which tends to shut other emotions down.

We work WITH WATER rather than simply swim in it.

We believe that working WITH water has the capacity to change the way we teach swimming and the way we use water for therapeutic purposes.

This small but courageous SHIFT IN OUR AWARENESS asks us to be more present in ourselves and in our teaching practices.

By engaging with water in the PRESENT MOMENT we develop a deeper sense of connection with it.

Ultimately we believe that WORKING WITH WATER will increase our appreciation and care for water too one pool at a time.

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Water Happy develops mindful practices when working with water.

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