The Gift

I write about others, for others and through others.

I support you and me through my writing in expressing our gifts to the world.

I want to know how you do what you do and why you do it? Where can we find you and how will our life be enriched by sharing your gifts and talents.

This is my way of giving voice to the core of who we all are and what we came to offer this world of ours.

By clearly stating our gifts and purpose we claim our individuality and truth. Secure in this knowing being with others is no longer a threat to our existence.

Knowing our selves is key to being at peace with others because competition ceases to exist.

This is the time to come out and shine. This is the time to be you.


“It’s not what you think,

it’s about remembering yes,

but not the periodic table.

It’s about seeing for sure,

the Light in another and in me.

It’s about sharing what it is we already know

so that we can awaken to our fullest potential.

It’s in me and it is in you and

it is what makes us unique

for it is our purpose,

it is what we really came here to do.

When we discover and openly practice

our individual gifts

we shall be able to

live together as One.”

If you are finding it challenging to express your Gift to the world, perhaps I can be of service?

The first step would be to overcome your fear of being exposed. Contact me how suits you best and let’s take it from there.