In a children’s crystal circle recently someone asked me the name of a stone that I didn’t know.

The answer that came on my behalf was ‘I don’t know, why don’t you feel it and see what it says instead?”. 

The cognitive mind needs to put things into categories and boxes. Systemizing knowledge has been a necessary part of its communication if nothing else.

In sitting, listening, feeling the crystal a treasure box of learning was discovered instead of a single name.

For a start all senses became involved in the exercise which empowered the child that asked the question rather than giving him an easy ready made answer.

Another important discovery was that the experience became personalized for the answers the child came up with reflected his own inner perception of the crystal/world rather than a text book definition of crystal properties.

Using stones and crystals as a source of creative learning has the added benefit of interacting with natural vibrations. This default interaction triggers its own conscious or subconscious healing processes in those playing with them.

In most cases it is simply the acceptance of this invisible world by an adult that allows children the freedom to feel at ‘Home’.